Summer Party Ideas and Special Event Planning for Cocktail Parties

Summer Party Ideas and Special Event Planning for Cocktail Parties

Summer is a wonderful time to entertain. Summer is a great time to entertain because you have both the cool evenings and the sunny day. These are some ideas for summer parties, including some cocktail catering suggestions to help with your summer event planning.

Your event planning will create conversation and interaction. A new take on an old idea is a refreshing way to serve cocktail parties. Instead of serving the shrimp with a bowl of cocktail syrup, skewer it and place it in a shot glass filled with the sauce.

Another option for summer parties is to serve soups as shot glasses. These plattershare can be hot soups like lobster Saki shooters (which I recently tried at a cocktail party), or cold soups like shots of gazpacho and cucumber.

A platter of fresh fruits can be served with a shot or two of a fruit smoothie to accompany cocktail parties that call for a healthy and refreshing dessert.

Summer party ideas include refreshing melon balls wrapped in prosciutto, cucumber cups filled with humus and seaweed salad, or salmon dip.

Lollipop-style desserts are another option for cocktail catering ideas. You can make bite-sized desserts out of brownie bites, bread pudding, and chocolate chip cookies. It’s easy to clean up, as you don’t need any silverware or plates. All that is needed is a simple cocktail napkin.

You can also serve desserts in smaller portions, such as creme brulee or chocolate pudding, in small cups with demitasse spoons.

Summer party decor ideas can be quick, simple and affordable. Instead of using a tealight to light your glass votive, place a Cymbidium orchid inside the glass. You can also place an orchid in a small vase with colored glass beads and water, or weight it down with water.

Floating candles in water make a great table decoration. You can add colored glass beads to the bottom of the container or a flower inside. For cocktail parties, I found a great idea in Real Simple magazine to wrap parchment paper around a glass votive candle holder.

These special event planning tips for cocktail catering will be helpful for your next summer party. Summer party ideas don’t have to be difficult or take up too much of your time. Cocktail parties are a great way for friends to get together in a casual setting. Remember the Budget Bash mantra when throwing your next party: Make it easy, delicious, stylish, fun, economical, and affordable to all.