Best Family Movies for teaching honesty, grit, courage, and more

Best Family Movies for teaching honesty, grit, courage, and more

Aha application is a Telugu on-demand video streaming site. Movies, original web series, and shows from various genres are available in the extensive content collection. The content will be updated regularly and is designed specifically for Telugu speakers. Aha makes sure that nothing can come between you and your enjoyment, so the content is ad-free. You can watch Telugu movies online in Aha. You can find and watch aha on various devices, including mobile, tablet, web, smart TV, and streaming devices. Download and manage your favorite content when it’s convenient for you.

Aha is an Indian over-the-top streaming service that provides Telugu-language content and is owned by Arha Media & Broadcasting Private Limited, a joint venture between Geetha Arts and My Home Group. Aha was launched on March 25, 2020, after a soft launch on January 25, 2020. 36 Vayasulo is one of the family movies featured in Aha. It provides a fantastic platform for the users to watch movies with the family. The audience at large loves family movies with action, love, and comedy.

36 Vayasulo is a Telugu movie released on May 14,

in the year 2015. It is directed by RosshanAndrrews and produced by Suriya. In this movie, Vaisanthi is a 36-year-old housewife. She has the ambition to go to Ireland and settle there with her husband and daughter. She got to know that the President of India wants to meet her. But she got fainted at the time of the meeting. All over the world, she became a joke. When time passed, her husband and daughter went to Ireland. She was left alone in a depressed condition. During that time, her friends were there to support her. They made her realize her strength and made her start her own business. Within a brief period, she proved herself and her worth. The movie revolves around why the President wants to meet her and how she became successful.

It is one of the movies which shows women’s empowerment. Vaisanthi played a significant role in the movie and made the movie the top-rated one. This movie shows the natural world and how women face all the odds of her life with determination and dedication. It is a great movie that teaches honesty, courage, grit and inculcates moral values in an individual. It is a must-watch family movie. 


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