Graco Quattro Tour Duo – An Affordable Twin Stroller

Graco Quattro Tour Duo - An Affordable Twin Stroller

Parents who have twins or multiple children are likely to face double the work, twice as many baby supplies, and twice as much cost. It is nice to know that parents have some options for cost-saving. This category includes the Quattro Tour Duo stroller by Graco. The Duo stroller has all the features you need and is affordable. Let’s take a closer look at Duo’s finest features:

Quattro Tour Duo seat accommodates two infant car seats, either SnugRide (or Infant SafeSeat) – so you can stroll right away. The infant car seats by Graco are easy to move from your car to your stroller, and vice versa, without disturbing your children. For a secure and safe ride, the infant car seats snap into the stroller and lock in place. The seats come with removable canopies, which provide ample coverage that is bassinet-like for your children.

Standard with the Duo’s seat is a 3-point and 5-point safety harness system. As your children grow older, the safety harnesses can easily be changed from a 5-point to a 3-point configuration. Research shows that 3-point safety harnesses are very popular with parents.

If you have multiple children, you will know what I mean when I tell you that you have a lot of baby gear to transport. I’ve reviewed many strollers, and the Duo is my favorite. The Quattro Tour Duo has, hands down, more storage than any other stroller.


3-position recliner seat

Washable seat covers

Safety harnesses with 3- and 5-point points

These seats are compatible with Graco SnugRide or Infant SafeSeat car seat systems

Two children, up to 90 lbs. Total – 50 lbs. Front and 40 lbs. Rear

Removeable canopy

Front passenger: Cup holder and snack tray

Simple one-hand fold

Comfortable padded handles

Extra large drop-down tray for easy access

Rear wheel brakes

Front wheel suspension

360-degree swivel wheels

Straight steering with front lock


Strolling with two children in car seats

Duo stroller can be easily opened and closed

Duo’s large storage basket is big enough to store all your baby gear, groceries, and toys

The large, removable canopies provide extra protection for your children

The Duo stroller can be used for years, from infant car seats up to 90 lbs.

Secure your children in the Duo stroller best strollers for newborns using either the 3-point or 5-point harnesses

Who is using this stroller for?

Parents with twins or two toddlers are either blessed.

The Duo stroller is a good choice for parents who are looking for a great value. This stroller is a great value for parents because it offers many features at a low price. And, second, you can use it for years…from infancy up to 90 lbs.

What works well?

It’s easy to transfer your children from their car to the stroller. Some twin strollers only accommodate one infant car seat. If you have multiple children, the Quattro tour Duo is the best option.

The Quattro tour Duo has a lot of storage, as I already mentioned. What I forgot to mention is how easy it was to load and unload your gear into the storage basket. Graco’s amazing lower and load feature allows you to lower the rear of your storage basket for easy access.

One thing I was most impressed by about the Duo strollers was their ability to fold easily. The Duo stroller was so heavy that it would be difficult to fold, I assumed. The Duo stroller folds and unfolds easily with one hand. This is a great feature for parents who have multiple children.

What isn’t working well?

I am sure the SnugRide and Infant SafeSeat travel systems by Graco are amazing and work well. Talking with parents, I have found that many consider the lack of choice to be a disadvantage. Graco’s strollers would be sold a lot more if they supported other brands of infant car seats. Graco strollers only work with the Graco SnugRider or the Graco Infant SafeSeat… Adding other strollers to their compatibility lists would allow us more choice, which would help us make better purchasing decisions.

Many parents who spoke to me regretted purchasing the Quattro tour Duo for their children’s safety were concerned about the excess weight. A full-featured twin stroller that is 39 lbs. This is not the right choice for all. A twin stroller that is lighter and more functional will cost you a lot more. The tradeoff is clear: affordability versus weight.

This stroller is a great choice.

You have two small children and are looking for an affordable stroller.

A twin stroller with many features is the best choice.

You want a stroller with tons of storage space under the seats if you’re looking for one.

This stroller is a great choice.

You can either purchase non-Graco infant seats or have them.

You are searching for a lightweight stroller, meaning that you can lift no more than 39 pounds into your car.

You are searching for a stroller with a more intuitive design.

Other strollers to consider

Joovy Caboose is a lightweight, sit-and-stand stroller for parents with two young children. Parents with at least one child over 2 years of age can use Joovy’s rear platform to sit or stand.

The Peg Perego duette SW stroller – A tandem stroller with all the features you could imagine: large wheels, all-wheel suspension and adjustable forward/rear facing seats… even a steering wheel!


While parents of two toddlers or infants are blessed, it can be difficult to raise multiple children. It is important to find a stroller that is affordable and has many practical features. Parents who want great value for their stroller will love the Quattro tour Duo stroller from The Stroller Shop.