These are the Top 7 Best Action Anime Movies

These are the Top 7 Best Action Anime Movies

It’s a joy to watch anime movies. They have all the same elements as a motion picture, but they combine real-life elements. They are powerful and unique because they don’t have real-life characters or objects. As real motion pictures, anime movies have the same length as real ones and a strong story supporting them. There are many anime movies, but we’ll only be discussing the action-oriented ones. Action anime movies are so fundamental that they are a favorite among anime fans. Let’s talk about the top 10 action anime movies. These films have been deemed classics and trend-setters by anime fans and have since gained a cult following.


Imagine a 1988 film that is still loved by millions of people around the globe and accepted by every generation. The movie Akira has been the subject of much discussion. Katsuhiro Ohmo directed Akira, the animated science fiction action film that inspired the manga of the name. It takes place in futuristic Neo Tokyo. The destruction of Neo Tokyo is caused by a secret military project that creates psionics known as espers. Akira, the main character, was the first and most powerful of the espers. His psychic power enabled the destruction in Tokyo during World War III. It is regarded as one of best science fiction movies ever made, and it is certainly one of the most popular action anime movies.

Ghost in a Shell

Ghost in The Shell is an animated cult action movie directed by Mamoru Okii and based on MasamuneShirow’s manga. It is set in a dystopian future and follows the story MotokoKusanagi (a Section 9 public security officer) who is assigned to find the mysterious ghost hacker known as the “Puppet Masters”. Motoko’s quest for her new mission leads her to Project 2501, which was created by corrupt Section 6. This in turn led to the creation of the antagonist. It is a standard for science fiction films, and it is rightly tagged as one the best action anime movies via

Vampire Hunter C: Bloodlust

The story follows D, a bounty hunter who is hired to return Charlotte, a young girl kidnapped by Meier Link, a noble vampire. Based on Hideyuki Kikichi’s novel Demon Deathchase. This film is sure to satisfy anime fans who love hardcore action and demon-slaying action.

Ninja Scroll

This 1993 animated film was a hit in Japan. Ninja Scroll shows the story of a bloody battle in feudal Japan between a ninja, and eight devils from Kimon. Yoshiaki Kawajiri wrote and directed the film. This anime movie is extremely popular because of its narrative style, which follows the adventures of Koichi Yamadera (a ninja) who is inspired by YagyuJubeiMitchellsuyoshi, a Japanese folk hero.

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke will deliver action-packed anime movies. The story is set in the late Muromachi period and centers on a young Ashitaka who wants to bring peace between forest spirits, humans, and forest resources. Princess Mononoke has been regarded as one of the most popular action anime films. It became gradually the highest-grossing film until the release of Titanic later that year.

Cowboy Bebop- The Movie

The name Cowboy Bebop is a well-known anime series that ran from 1998-1999. It had 26 episodes and won millions of hearts. The storyline of Cowboy Bebop-The Movie is the same as episode 22. It tells the story about the crew of space bounty hunters assigned to the Bebop spaceship. They are to stop a chemical terrorist who threatens to destroy Mars with an unknown pathogen. Cowboy Bebop was directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, and produced by Sun Studios. It is a classic action anime movie.