Use the Right Keywords to Increase YouTube Views

Use the Right Keywords to Increase YouTube Views

The end performance of your YouTube video will be greatly affected by the keywords you choose. You should think twice about choosing the keywords/tags that you want for your video.

These are some tips to help increase your YouTube views.

1) Include a few keywords in your first paragraph.

YouTube can use general keywords such as “internet” and “funny”, to position your video at the right place. It can also share it with the right audience while it grows. Although you may not rank #1 for a Big Keyword, your video will likely grow and you will start to get significant traffic because of the general keyword.

2) Include the keyword that you wish to rank for in your title

This will send a strong message to YouTube about the keyword you targeted. You can also add the exact keyword to your video description box for additional optimization.

3) Use few non-competitive keywords

You can increase your YouTube views by choosing keywords that are likely to help you gain momentum. This will allow you to rank well for larger keywords.

4) Keywords/tags can be found in related videos

Check your videos in your niche to see what keywords they have left out. Then add these keywords to your videos additional resources. You will get views quickly since YouTube gives you a huge rank boost within the first few days of publishing your video. This is to help you determine your video’s quality and rank.

So, a quick recap:

1) Use general keywords

2) Target a keyword and include it in your title

3) Use long tail keywords

4) Look at your competitors keywords